Opened in 1975, the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts presents a dynamic, culturally diverse season of dance, jazz, classical and world music, theater and satire. The philosophy behind the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts is more than just presenting performances for the sake of enjoyment (although they are enjoyable!) but also to create opportunities for audiences to have thought-provoking experiences and interactions, to create events of interest to worldwide audiences, and to foster creative expression, diversity in thought, and awareness of cultural heritage.

The Center Staff


Abbey Messmer, Programming Director, SCPA

Michael Wallot, Artist Services Manager

Diandra Miller, Sr. Programming Coordinator

Elena Hale, Programming Assistant

Judy Koval, Performing Arts Assistant

Member and Patron Services

Abigail Clarke, Member and Patron Services Manager

Sean Ryan McBride, Member Services Specialist

Madison Berens, Member and Patron Services Representative

Megan Bevill, Member and Patron Services Representative

Elizabeth Craze, Member & Patron Services Representative

Dallas Diaz, Member and Patron Services Representative

Shaun Herndon, Member and Patron Services Representative

Diane Mikho, Member and Patron Services Representative

Erika Moore, Member and Patron Services Representative

Josselin Salazar, Member and Patron Services Representative

Jerin Peckham, Member & Patron Services Representative

Jennifer Tuchband, Member and Patron Services Representative

Events Coordination and Operations

Jamie Prins, Events Director Scottsdale Arts

Sai Powers, Events Manager

Bill Kelly, Retail Manager

Martin Dickey, Facilities Director

Anne Parker, Facility Rentals Manager

Jeri Thompson, Operations Administrative Assistant

Scott MacKeigan, Facility and Event Representative

Bob Casciato, Facilities Maintenance Manager

Joe Tashjian, Maintenance Coordinator

Joana Alvarez, Environmental Services Worker

Emmitt Younger, Environmental Services Worker

Robert Reidenbach, Food & Beverage Lead

Whitney Nelson, Festival Coordinator

Mariana Bortoluzzi, Guest Services Coordinator

Protection Services

Keng Cheong, Protection Services Manager

Michael Hammerand, Protection Services Coordinator

Brenda Kelley, Protection Services Lead

David Brusstar, Protection Services Officer

Dale Duhame, Protection Services Officer

Jericho Galindo, Protection Services Officer

Pia Holt, Protection Services Officer

Lane Honda, Protection Services Officer

Richard Jackson, Protection Services Officer

David Marshall, Protection Services Officer

Mike McLane, Protection Services Officer

Technical Staff

Zach Ciaburri, Production Manager

Austin Collins, Stage Manager

John Doyle, House Head Electrician

Scott Lawhead, Theater Technician

Kyle Colley, A/V Supervisor

House Staff

Carolyn Sedlak, Lead House Manager

Shirley Arsenault, Assistant House Manager

Holly Conway, Assistant House Manager

Adele Powers, Assistant House Manager

Marla Hattabaugh, Assistant House Manager

Monika Hahues, Assistant House Manager

Sandra Wagner, Assistant House Manager