Danheiser/Wagner Entertainment Presents

George Noory Live

The Scottsdale Invasion 2018

April 21, 20185:00 pm

This event is a facility rental, and is not a part of the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts performance season.

About This Event

Radio to Stage. Enjoy the grand experience!

Danheiser/Wagner Entertainment brings the world’s number one late night radio show to the stage. Enjoy watching the host of Coast to Coast AM, Emmy-award winner George Noory, interview some of today’s brightest experts in the world of ufology, paranormal, conspiracy, and all things unexplained. This three-hour stage show consists of interviews combined with video, music and singing which create an unforgettable experience for theater-goers and fans of the hugely popular Coast to Coast AM radio show.

Tonight’s event will feature interviews with Spirit Traveler Sonja Grace and Astronomer & Master of all things space, Dr. Sky (Steve Kates).

We will end the evening with a UFO Roundtable featuring some of the most respectable people in Ufology today: Dr. Lynne Kitei (Phoenix Lights), Melinda Leslie (Alien Experiences), Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky) and John DeSouza (X-Man).

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