Rob Kapilow: What Makes It Great?®

Beethoven: Waldstein Sonata
February 20, 20187:30 pm

OFFSITE EVENT: Please note that this event takes place offsite at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in north Phoenix.

MIM: 4725 E. Mayo Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85050 | Map it!

MIM Box Office: 480-478-6000

About This Event

Through his entertaining concert presentations, commentaries on NPR’s Performance Today and PBS NewsHour, books and CDs, Rob Kapilow brings the joy and wonder of classical music – and unravels some of its mysteries – to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

In Beethoven’s time, the Waldstein Piano Sonata was an incredibly radical, avant-garde work that left most listeners baffled, dazed and confused. Today, however, the work has become an iconic masterpiece universally regarded as one of the greatest piano sonatas ever written. What did Beethoven’s contemporaries hear in this music that we’re missing today, and is it possible to recapture it? Join Rob Kapilow and pianist Hye-Jin Kim for a spellbinding discussion and performance of the piece that will allow you to once again hear this work as the cutting-edge, radical work it was for Beethoven’s contemporaries.

“[Rob Kapilow] leaps into the void dividing music analysis from appreciation and fills it with exhilarating details and sensations.” – The New York Times



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