Close Encounters With Music

Romantic Quintets: Brahms and Schumann

Soyeon Kate Lee, piano
Irina Muresanu, violin
Peter Zazofsky, violin
Michael Strauss, viola
Yehuda Hanani, cello

StartJanuary 16, 20197:30 pm
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About This Event

Close Encounters With Music is an enriching concert experience that brings together sublime chamber music, distinguished performers and insightful commentary. Artistic Director and cellist Yehuda Hanani introduces each program from the stage, placing the composers’ works and their times in perspective.

This concert presents the essence of Romanticism in works by two 19th-century giants, scored for piano and strings: Johannes Brahms’s Piano Quintet in F minor and Robert Schumann’s breakthrough Piano Quintet. It was the Schumann score that initiated the combination of piano with string quartet (two violins, viola and cello) as a new form. Since then, many composers have gone on to essay piano quintets as a particularly rich chamber music instrumentation. Schumann was also Brahms’s champion in that composer’s early years, helping him to achieve success.


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