The Children of Willesden Lane
April 4, 20187:00 pm

This event is a facility rental, and is not a part of the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts performance season.

About This Event

In 1938, Lisa Jura, a young Jewish girl in Vienna, dreamed she would become a concert pianist. Her dreams were shattered when German troops took over her homeland. She became a refugee, one of 10,000 children brought to England before World War II as part of Kindertransport—a mission to rescue children threatened by Nazis. Concert pianist Mona Golabek, Lisa Jura’s daughter, will perform her mother’s story – The Children of Willesden Lane – in a stage performance on April 4, 2018.

This is the opening event of Scottsdale Community College’s Genocide Awareness Week. Leading up to the performance, Phoenix Holocaust Survivors’ Association and its Generations After program, in conjunction with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, are sponsoring Willesden Read and providing 2,500 copies of Mona’s book to area schools.

Theater-goers are invited to a dessert reception after the show when they will view the Holocaust artwork of local artist Robert Sutz.


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  1. someone gave me a ticket to this event today at the jewish comminity center. I am so thrilled to be able to attend this event with a good friend. I have known in part the story of Willesden Road and have wanted to read the book. I have also been a member of the Phoenix Hololcaust Society and once a month they meet, share stories and enjoy one anothers company. I am saddened that so many of them have now passed on but their children keep their stories close to their heart.
    I had a good friend Jack, when I lived back east. He and his twin sisters were on the Kinder Transport and lived in England before moving to the United States. I can’t bear to think of those poor parents that sent their children away in order to save their lives. Jack and his sisters never saw their parents again

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