The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith


October 8, 20172:00 pm
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About This Event

Directed, produced and written by Sara Fishko
Running Time: 87 min
Rating: Not rated

Between 1957 and 1965 in New York, dozens of jazz musicians jam night after night in a dilapidated Sixth Avenue loft, not realizing that much of what they play and say to each other is being captured on audiotape and in still pictures by the gentle and unstable genius, former LIFE Magazine photographer W. Eugene Smith, who lives in the loft space next door.

Meanwhile, pianist Thelonious Monk stops by for three weeks of rehearsals; drummer Ronnie Free gets hooked on hard drugs, having been turned on by a drummer who was his boyhood idol years before; loft resident Hall Overton, Juilliard instructor and classical composer, becomes a jazz guru; the 1950s give way to the 1960s; Smith begins to record his own phone calls and visits from the local police; the world changes — and Smith gets evicted.

WNYC Studios Presents In Association with Lumiere Productions

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