Vicki Lawrence and Mama:
A Two-Woman Show
StartMarch 23, 20198:00 pm
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About This Event

Plucked out of obscurity when she was a high school senior, Vicki Lawrence went on to become a member of the now-legendary cast of the The Carol Burnett Show. During the show’s seventh season, the Emmy Award-winning Lawrence created her most endearing character, Thelma Harper, aka “Mama,” who has attained almost cult-like status.

The multi-talented entertainer is mostly known for her TV and theater acting and her comedic talents, but she also earned a gold record for the 1973 hit “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.” In this show that blends stand-up comedy and music, Lawrence will take the stage first, followed by “Mama,” who will opine about real life. “Where Mama is concerned, expect the unexpected,” Lawrence says. “We’re creating new material with a more modern and cutting edge.”

Additional Activities

  • Catwalk Lounge: Arrive early and elevate your Center experience! Connect with friends before the show and enjoy the view in this exclusive lounge.

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